Crew training for the new Honduran ship built in Colombia

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The National Navy is carrying out the training of Officers and NCOs who will man the new BAL-C Logistics and Coastal Support Ship “Thank God”, built in Colombia by the Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Maritime Naval Industry and Fluvial, Cotecmar, for the Honduran Navy.

The Caribbean Surface Flotilla conducts a theoretical-practical training conducted by the Caribbean Surface School and carried out on the ARC “Golfo de Morrosquillo”, similar to those of the FNH “Thank God”.

For this reason and with the objective of consolidating in the field of practice their knowledge and training in the operation of the different systems that the ship manages, personnel of the National Navy instruct the Honduran crew in the accomplishment of navigation exercises like: enlistment for navigation, one-way transit maneuver, precision anchoring, engineering emergency, mooring to a buoy and docking of the unit.

Fire and flood training has also been carried out at the school’s fire-fighting facilities at the Surface School.

In the training exercises also maneuvers of emplaye and desenplaye among others, in order to strengthen their knowledge in operations and emergency processes for units type BDA.

The 15 FNH crew “Thank God” will sail from Cartagena on Friday October 27 to Puerto Cortés, to join the Honduran Navy Fleet and immediately start operations.

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