Vitse Admiral Kulakov Port Call at Alexandria

Major ASW ship Vitse Admiral Kulakov having a long-distance mission in the remote ocean zone passed the Suez Canal and entered the Alexandria port (Egypt).

This is her third stopover in the foreign port since the beginning of the mission. Earlier, the major ASW ship Vitse Admiral Kulakov entered Limassol (Cyprus) and Salalah (Oman) for supply replenishment.

During the next few days the personnel will replenish food and water supplies. Besides, the seamen will have time for a short rest. After the stopover, the Northern Fleet seamen will continue their mission in the Mediterranean.

The major ASW ship Vitse Admiral Kulakov left Severomorsk Northern Fleet main base in late June. After participating in the Main Naval Parade on July 30, she passed with the support ship detachment through the Baltic into the Northern Sea heading south.

The ship has been operating in southern waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden for one month and a half with to support the Russian Navy presence in the region and secure the maritime navigation.

During the long-distance mission, the ship has covered more than 16,000 nautical miles.