Enoshima Class Minesweeper

The minesweeper Enoshima is the first minesweeper in the JMSDF fleet to be made from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), instead of the conventional wood-built vessels. The Enoshima class minesweeper is also one of the largest vessels in the world.

This FRP-built minesweeper is difficult to detect by magnetic resonance mines, as wood-built vessels are. This type of vessel is expected to play an active role not only in Japan, but overseas as well, given the fact it offers superior durability and is lighter weight than conventional wood-built vessels.

  • ▷Displacement: 570t (standard)
  • ▷Crew: approx. 45
  • ▷Length: 60m
  • ▷Beam: 10.1m
  • ▷Draft: 4.5m
  • ▷Speed: 14kt
  • ▷one 20mm machine gun
  • ▷one minesweeping unit