5 + 5 Group of Navies Terrorism Drills

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The 5 + 5 group comprises the Mauritanian, Moroccan, Algerian, Libyan and Tunisian Maghreb countries, and the Mediterranean basin countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malta.

In the annual exercise of 5 + 5, there are marine and air assets from Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Morocco and several international observers. the Navy and the Air Force of those countries. Portugal will participate with the Portuguese Republic Vessel (NRP) Viana do Castelo.

The exercise covers scenarios of maritime terrorism and irregular migration flows from climate change. Provision is also made for the interception of a merchant ship reported as connected to a transnational crime network bound for a European port as well as international cooperation actions in search and rescue at sea.

The aim of the exercise is to create mechanisms for the exchange of information and cooperation procedures, while at the same time stimulating relations of trust between the navies and air forces of the 10 countries, in order to improve joint and efficient operations in international maritime safety operations in the Mediterranean Sea .

In this mission the NRP Viana do Castelo also embarks a team of approach of the Marines.