Commander Carrier Strike Group 11 RDML Bill Byrne USN Visits FS Auvergne

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For many years, the French Navy has developed a high level of interoperability with American vessels. It is now reflected in the presence of two first-class frigates escorting the aircraft carrier Nimitz in the Arabian-Persian Gulf. This high-level cooperation, which has become a daily reality in this part of the world, highlights the great confidence that unites our armed forces.

On 17 September, Rear Admiral Bill Byrne, commander of Carrier Strike Group 11, came to meet the sailors of the frigate Auvergne.

From the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier he manages with his staff the action of the carrier group, which includes the frigates Auvergne and Jean Bart, alongside American ships. The objective of the visit was to discuss with the sailors and to take stock of the integration of the Auvergne into the effective force since 3 September.

The Admiral was impressed by the qualities of the Auvergne, the navy’s most recent frigate. His deep-seated capabilities with the naval cruise missile particularly caught his attention. He was also particularly pleased to be able to speak with the French sailors. He expressed his confidence and congratulations on their effective action within the Task Force.