Commandant Ducuing integrates Operation Sophia

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Since 6 September 2017, the Ducuing High Command Patrol Officer (PHM) is deployed off the coast of Libya in direct support of Operation EUNAVFOR MED Sophia . It is placed under the tactical command of Rear Admiral Javier Moreno, embarked aboard the Spanish tanker-tanker Cantabria .

The officers of Operation SOPHIA meet the dog “Havroch”, the 99th seaman of Commandant Ducuing , specializing in the detection of explosive devices and substances.

Committed to the European operation, Commander Ducuing ‘s mission is to ensure compliance with and implementation of UN Resolution 2292 on the embargo on arms trafficking to Libya . As such, it may be necessary to carry out VHF interrogations as well as visits and flag surveys aboard ships heading for the Libyan coast. It is also involved in the fight against migrant trafficking in northwestern Libya by gathering information that could lead to the arrest of smugglers.

Commandant Ducuing’s visiting team prepares to conduct an interception drill of a trafficker.

On 13 September, the crew of Commander Ducuing trained in the collection of migrants and the apprehension of traffickers under the benevolent eye of the experts of the General Staff embarked on board Cantabria . In particular, Italian and Spanish coaches have met the dog “Havroch” 99 th sailor Commander Ducuing , specialized in the detection of explosive devices and substances .

Rear Admiral Javier Moreno presented the captain’s capabilities to Commander Ducuing

On this occasion, Rear Admiral Javier Morano, Force Commander of the operation, went on board to meet the crew and give his instructions for the next weeks of patrol off the Libyan coast. Speaking in French to the sailors of Commandant Ducuing , he told them the stakes of the operation and wished them success in carrying out their mission.

On 13 September 2017, Rear Admiral Javier Moreno addressed the crew of Commander Ducuing.

Launched on 22 June 2015, Operation EUNAVFOR MED Sophia is a European operation to combat trafficking in human beings from Libya, deployed as a result of the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean . The Navy participates in this component by deploying a building on a zone almost permanently.