INS Sindhuraj Arrives Severodvinsk for Overhaul

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The diesel-electric submarine Sindhuraj (project 877 ЭКМ) was delivered to the water area of ​​JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation) aboard the Rolldock Storm dock of the Dutch company Rolldock.

Transportation of the submarine began on August 4, 2017. The route ran around the southern tip of Africa, across the Atlantic, North, Barents and White Seas. On the afternoon of September 14, the ship-dock entered the port of Severodvinsk. In the next few days the transport dock will be unloaded. Upon completion of the border and customs inspection, the priority work on receiving the order of the DEPL “Sindhuraj” will be raised from the water and placed in a dock camera. Repair of the ship will take place in the bunkery of shop # 10.

Severodvinsk shipbuilders in the next two years will have to perform a second medium repair of the Sindhuraj DEPL with the extension of its service life. This submarine will be the seventh submarine of the class “Kilo” of the Indian Navy, which will be repaired at the shipyard of JSC “TsV” Zvezdochka. “