Hurricane IRMA: French Navy committed to the armed forces in the West Indies

With the aim of helping the population as quickly and efficiently as possible, the French Navy is helping to mobilize material and human resources in Saint Martin and Guadeloupe following Hurricane Irma.

Two Falcon 50s from the French Navy were mobilized. Several reconnaissance flights have already taken place to carry out observation and damage assessment missions. They will ensure that landing areas for helicopters and access to ports are suitable for use in emergency operations.

The surveillance frigate (FS) Ventôse, with a Panther helicopter on board, sail from Fort-de France and has already transported freight (food, water). The FS Germinal , equipped with an Alouette III , also equipped with products of first emergency. It will make an inventory of the situation of the ports to allow the smooth running of the continuation of the operations. The two helicopters embarked on board the frigates will be able to operate in isolated or inaccessible areas.

Finally, a detachment of the Marseille Fire Brigade (BMPM), including medical personnel, traveled to St. Martin with 800 kg of technical equipment to lend a hand to the already established relief.