Stoiky Repelled Simulated Torpedo Attack During Baltic Sea Exercise

Stoiky corvette of the Baltic Fleet (BF) carried out a number of combat training tasks using the ship’s armaments at sea. In particular, the corvette carried out artillery fire at various targets, and also defended herself in the duelling confrontation with the simulated enemy’s ship by means of anti-torpedoes.

During the exercise, a small ASW ship (SASWS) Kabardino-Balkaria of the Baltic Naval Base symbolically attacked the corvette with a torpedo salvo. In turn, the Stoiky with the help of hydro-acoustic means identified the threat, performed anti-torpedo manoeuvre and launched two anti-torpedoes from the Paket organic system. According to objective control, the corvette’s retaliatory salvo destroyed mock torpedoes released from the SASWS Kabardino-Balkaria.

The sortie was sea ended with the fulfilment of anti-sabotage tasks, and also seamen conducted in-ship drill on the ship’s endurance.