Rotterdam goes out for anti-pirate work

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HNLMS Rotterdam left August 27th to Somalia. The amphibious transport vessel is participating in the anti-piracy surgery Atalanta. The crew consists of Dutch and Swedish soldiers.

People wave at the quay like Zr. Ms. Rotterdam leaves.
The Scandinavian colleagues take combat boats (CB90s) to East Africa. That’s because Rotterdam offers plenty of space. The ship also features a helicopter, drones and extensive medical facilities.

On the way to Somalian waters there is an integration practice. For example, Dutch-Swedish crew starts to play a part in the European mission. The Rotterdam will guide Atalanta ships of the World Food Program, protect vulnerable ships and disrupt piracy.

Pirate risk remains
Former seaside shapes for Somalia have been a danger to shipping for years. Before 2012, dozens of ships were hijacked in return for large sums of ransom. Thanks to international efforts, there have been few successful hijackings since then. But the region is unstable and the pirate risk remains.