Operation Corymbe: Commandant Bouan Trains Mauritanian Sailors

From 17 to 20 August 2017, High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commandant Bouan led the Operational Training Periods (IOPs) to the benefit of twenty-six sailors of the Mauritanian armed forces.

These IOPs, organized at the port of Nouadhibou (Mauritania), brought together several types of training: ship visit and search operations, training in the field of on-board Theoretical and followed by a complete safety exercise) and presentation by the divers of the equipment and methods of diving of the Navy.

The Operational Training Periods aim at maintaining and increasing the skills of the African navies so that they are – in the long term – able to provide autonomous maritime safety and security in their area. This cooperation is fully in line with the Corymbe mission to which the PHM Commandant Bouan has been participating since his departure from Toulon on 2 August.

About the Corymbe Mission

Since 1990, France has been deploying one or two buildings on a Corymbe mission almost permanently in the Gulf of Guinea. The mission has two main objectives: to contribute to the protection of French interests in the area and to reduce maritime insecurity, in particular by helping to strengthen the capabilities of the marines bordering the Gulf in the field of maritime safety; The framework of the Yaoundé process. The deployment of a French building on a Corymbe mission complements the pre-positioned French system in West Africa (Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal) and participates in the maritime component of the operational cooperation implemented by these regional presence forces.