Tofiño finalizes hydrographic campaign in waters of Barbate

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On August 11, the hydrographic vessel “Tofiño” (A-32) returned to the Naval Base of Rota, after finalizing the hydrographic campaign that had been carried out in waters of the cove of Barbate since last 26 July.

In the port and inlet of Barbarte there is a considerable maritime traffic, as much of the fleets fishing and sport as of cabotage, mainly with the port of Ceuta. In addition, in this port there is an important commercial activity, oriented to the support of the trappings that are stilled in this zone.

The main objective of this hydrographic campaign has been the obtaining of data and information necessary to update the charts and publications of defeat issued by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy (IHM), in order to improve and guarantee safety in navigation. To do this, the main works carried out by the “Tofiño” were: obtaining bathymetric data, sampling the quality of the seafloor, installing tide gauges, tachometer at the port of Barbate to restore cartography, checking information on routes and lights Sea, shipwreck confirmation and detection, as well as shore recognition and other checks and measurements.

To fulfill its mission, the BH “Tofiño” has multi-beam technology probes (EM-300 and EM-3002) that allow full coverage of the seabed, thus meeting the quality requirements demanded by the International Hydrographic Organization ).

In obtaining the closest probes to coast the hydrographic boats with which the ship has been used, in which the next-generation sounder (Geoswath 500) of the interferometric type is installed.