Big Start for L’Astrolabe

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On August 12, 2017, the polar patroller L’Astrolabe left definitively the metropolis and the military port of Brest in order to rally its port base of Port of the Galets in Réunion. It should reach its destination in early September, after having traveled 7000 nautical miles.

It will then be entrusted to the Navy and will then begin its missions in the autumn with a calendar imperative: its first rotation Antarctic.

The Astrolabe, built by the Piriou shipyards, co-financed by the TAAF, the owners of the ship, and by the Institut Polaire Institut Français (IPEV), will be armed and maintained by the sailors of the French Navy. Polar navigation, will thus relay throughout the year to arm the ship and carry out the missions entrusted to it. It is also the crew B, commanded by the captain of frigate François Trystram, who ensures the transit towards Port of the Galets.

In addition to its mission to provide logistical support to French stations located in Antarctica (“Mission to Support Antarctic Logistics”), the Polar Patroller is part of the inter-ministerial missions of the State at Sea (AEM) . In the south of the Indian Ocean, from Reunion Island to the TAAF districts via Mayotte, he will participate in the protection of France’s interests and wealth on nearly 3 million km² alongside the two frigates Nivôse et Floréal, Patrouille Le Ma