Renewal of the fleet: FREMM Languedoc and B2M Champlain Commissioned

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On 4 July 2017, the CEMM admitted to active service FREMM Languedoc and B2M Champlain, continuing the modernization of the Navy’s fleet by 2025.
Third multi-mission frigate (FREMM), Languedoc is now declared combat-ready by the French Navy. It joins Aquitaine and Provence, the first two frigates of the FREMM class whose vocation is to operate in a joint and interallied framework.
During its first long-term deployment in the North Atlantic and Arctic (104 mission days), the Languedoc crew conducted several joint training sessions with Allied Marines and patrols in the Far North.
With their new capacities for action, the FREMMs ensure the full spectrum of aeromaritime missions in the service of French safety: prevention in crisis zones, precision strikes in depth with the naval cruise missile (MdCN) An area of ​​air-sea operation.
That same day also saw admission to the active service of the B2M (multi-mission building) Champlain. The first two B2Ms, d’Entrecasteaux, based in Noumea, and Bougainville, based in Tahiti, had been admitted to active service in 2016. These multi-purpose units, 65 meters long and armed with two crews of 23 Sailing 200 days of sea per year. The Champlain is a valuable asset of the FAZSOI to affirm the presence of France in this zone and ensure the French sovereignty in its exclusive economic zones.
The Champlain replaces the BATRAL La Grandière in its logistical function. He will soon participate in a mission to supply the Scattered Islands and carry out missions of presence, surveillance and protection of French interests in the Indian Ocean.