Jeanne d’Arc 2017 Arrives in Mumbai

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April 10, 2017 – As part of the second operational release of the Jeanne d’Arc 2017 mission, Bombay opened its doors to the amphibious group consisting of the Mistral Projection and Command Building (BPC) and the Courbet Frigate Légère Furtive (FLF) .
After a docking at the end of the morning, BP Mistral had the honor of welcoming high Indian authorities including Mr. Srivastava, representative of the services of the Indian Prime Minister. This meeting symbolizes the importance of the arrival of the group Joan of Arc in the country and the excellent relations maintained between India and France.
As part of our bilateral relations, Rear Admiral Didier Piaton, Commander of the Indian Ocean Marine Area (ALINDIEN) and the French Forces stationed in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), took advantage of this opportunity to To welcome on board the Mistral its excellence Alexandre Ziegler, ambassador of France in India. The latter gave a lecture to the student-officers on the challenges of India in 2017, in the presence of Mr. Yves Perrin.
The Mistral was visited by a number of Indian soldiers: general and superior officers of the Indian Navy, including the commander of the Western naval forces, naval commandos and military doctors. The objective was to introduce the BPC to them through the various capabilities offered by the French Navy: amphibious vessels, helicopter carriers, hospital and staff. The exchanges were very enriching. The next day, the Indian Navy received the French officers on board the Indian frigate, INS Kolkata.