End of mission for Forbin after more than 5 months of commitment

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April 5, 2017 – Deployed in operations for more than five and a half months, the air defense frigate “Forbin” ends a mission in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.
After sailing from Toulon on 25 October 2016, the “Forbin” joined the French carrier group around Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier deployed off Syria to strengthen France’s participation in the fight against Daech. For nearly a month of operation, this powerful and efficient building controlled the regional airspace and the command of the air defense of the carrier group (GAN) in a particularly complex environment marked by the presence of three groups (French, Russian and American). This mission is essential to guarantee the freedom of implementation and action of the Rafale Marine and, consequently, to allow the many operational sorties that have been conducted against Daech in Syria and Iraq.
After leaving the Charles-de-Gaulle, which was deployed in mid-December 2016, Forbin is deployed for the second time in the year in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian-Persian Gulf. He first joined Task Force 150, which contributes to maritime security and the fight against terrorism in the North of the Indian Ocean (Operation Héracles Mer ).
It was later integrated into the TF50 which is the task force flagship 5 th US fleet (Middle East fleet): the 5 th Fleet’s mission is the projection of power, strike warfare , from the Persian Gulf . In addition to its functions of command of air defense and control of one of the accesses to the air space of the Levantine Theater, the Forbin, by its numerous means of information and communication, its powerful radars and its sensors of Electronic warfare, has helped to consolidate the autonomous appreciation of the situation in this region.
Finally, in response to its duty of maritime solidarity, the ship carried out two rescue operations during its mission which saved the lives of 18 sailors.
During its deployment, the Forbin, consisting of its 215 sailors and a detachment of the 31F fleet with its Cayman Marine,   will have traveled 43,000 nautical miles (twice around the earth) and conducted 163 days of operation. He escorted 3 aircraft carriers and a helicopter carrier and ensured the safe transit of more than 1,000 planes to the Levant theater of operations.
The crew of the “Forbin” therefore returned to Toulon its base port, after more than 160 days of deployment.