French Navy in Exercise SKRENVIL 2017

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April 4, 2017 – From 3 to 14 April 2017 in the Western Mediterranean, 1 000 soldiers participate in SKRENVIL operational training. This joint exercise between the Army and the Navy is designed to ensure amphibious deployment procedures.

As part of this operational training, an amphibious group is deployed in the Mediterranean. It is composed of the Dixmude Projection and Command Building (BPC), Cassard ‘s Antiaircraft Frigate (FAA) , Montcalm Anti-submarine Frigate (FASM ) and the Mediterranean demining group (GPD Med). The command of the troops put ashore (Commander Landing Group / CLG) is provided at the 2 th Infantry Regiment abroad (2 e REI). A Joint Battle Group (CATF) of the 6 th Light Armored Brigade made up of different units of the 2 e REI, 1 st REG (Foreign Regiment engineering), 1 st REC (Foreign Cavalry Regiment) 3 e RAMa (Marine Artillery Regiment) and the 5 th RHC (Regiment of combat helicopters), is created for the occasion. The major equipment involved is 15 VBCI (Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle) and a dozen VAB (Front Armored Vehicle), as well as 4 Puma and Gazelle helicopters.
The amphibious detachment boarded the Dixmude with 2 material transportation Chalands (CTM) and a fast amphibious landing machine (EDAR).