FS Provence Patrol in the Eastern Mediterranean

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French Navy
April 3, 2017 – The multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence sailed a month ago from Brest to join the east of the Mediterranean and to raise the frigate Montcalm in Operation Chammal. This deployment, which contributes to the appreciation of the situation on the Levant theater, also offers the opportunity to train with the riparian and allied navies operating in the region of the Syrian channel.
Following an operational break in Larnaca, Provence set sail on 22 March and conducted a search and rescue exercise for shipwrecked vessels in southern Cyprus, in coordination with the Cypriot armed forces, resuming its aeromaritime surveillance at the same time. Syria.
Upon receiving a fictitious emergency message announcing the sinking of a small vessel off the coast of Cyprus, the JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center) in Larnaca is launching a search for shipwrecked people. The FREMM Provence, present at the open of the Bay of Larnaca, takes the role of On-Scene Commander (OSC) to search and then rescue the castaways, symbolized by floating mannequins. The vessel coordinates the research facilities on the area: the Cayman Marine of the fleet 33F on board, patrol vessel Tsomakis and an AW139 helicopter of the Cypriot armed forces, with Provence, an area of ​​60 nq2 (111.12 km²) A research diagram integrating the capacities of the units present and the environmental elements: sea state.
After the research was completed, the exercise was completed and Provence continued its operational activity off the coast of the Near East. A few days later, a symbol of cooperation and interoperability among the allies, refueling to the sea with Supply tanker tanker of the support fleet of the US Navy then allows the frigate to increase its autonomy. This increased area presence capability enables the frigate to optimize the work of the frigate, which uses the complementarity and power of its sensors to monitor underwater, surface and air activity in its immediate environment and monitor the evolution of operations On the Levant theater.
Launched since September 19, 2014, “Chammal” is the name given to the French operation within the operation Inherent Resolve. Today, it mobilizes nearly 1,200 soldiers. At the request of the Iraqi government and in coordination with the allies of France present in the region, Operation Chammal is based on two complementary pillars: a training pillar for Iraqi national security units (Task Force Narvik and Monsabert ) And a “support” pillar to support the action of local forces on the ground against Daech and to strike down the military capabilities of the terrorist group (TF Wagram, naval vessels).