800 kilos of cocaine seized in the Colombian Pacific

 800 kilos of cocaine seized in the Colombian PacificApril 2, 2017  – In less than a week, more than a ton of cocaine hydrochloride has been seized in the general area of ​​the department of Nariño.

800 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were seized by the National Navy intercepting a boat manned by three subjects carrying the alkaloid in the general area of ​​the municipality of Tumaco, Nariño.

A Quick Response Unit at the Tumaco Coast Guard Station intercepted the boat named “Virgen del Carmen” in which a subject of Colombian nationality and two Ecuadorians carried 28 packages with the alkaloid and 35 mugs with 650 gallons of fuel.

The subjects, the stash, the fuel and the boat were transferred to the municipality of Tumaco, where the authorities carried out the Homologated Identification Test – Piph, which tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride with a net weight of 800 kilograms, whose cost in The international market would be close to 27 million dollars.

The subjects were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for the crime of traffic, possession and manufacture of narcotic drugs.

This is the second seizure in less than a week, preventing drug trafficking organizations from sending more than a ton and a half to the international market.

The Task Force against Drug Trafficking “Poseidón” and other units of the National Navy attached to the Pacific Naval Force will continue with the development of operations against outlaw organizations that intend to use the Colombian Pacific to carry out illicit activities .