EFS: meeting on the high seas: “HMS Portland, this is French Falcon 50 … radio check”

March 3, 2017 – It is off the Cape Verde Islands that two cooperation flights took place on 19 and 21 February 2017 between the French and British forces. The Falcon 50  (F50) maritime reconnaissance and patrol aircraft of the 24F fleet , prepositioned in Dakar within the French Elements in Senegal (EFS), is used for maritime rescue alert missions. It was this time The advanced eye of the English frigate HMS Portland for nearly three days.

Providing forward vision to a ship or force, establishing the surface situation, transferring contacts of interest to voice or network, sending photos in real time are part of the F50 ‘s strengths .

The EFS therefore hired him to participate in a PASSEX (exercise of interaction between two units) with the frigate HMS Portland . This exercise served to highlight the wide range of capabilities of the French aircraft, while simultaneously enhancing interoperability with British forces at sea. The theme of anti-ship control, which served as a basis for this interaction, Has made it possible to carry out complex and particularly profitable tactical actions.

“It is clear that we speak the same language: that of sailors. The joint exercises we have demonstrated demonstrate this,  “concludes the Commander of HMS Portland during the” hot “debriefing conducted on the radio with the crew chief Xenon Bravo .

The French and British forces have enjoyed a very close cooperation which has been considerably strengthened since 2010 and the signing of the Lancaster House treaty. One of the concrete examples is the ramp-up of a Combined Joint Expeditionary Force , the concept of which was validated in April 2016 with Exercise Griffin Strike . This PASSEX thus maintains the high level of operational interoperability reached by these European armies.

Since their inception in August 2011, the E FS  is one of two centers of regional cooperation in Africa. As part of the defense partnership signed in 2012, they contribute, in particular, to civil security missions in support of Senegalese local authorities where necessary and to cooperation and training activities.