Author Travels to Historic Wartime Regions

March 13, 2017 – Following in the footsteps of his uncle who served during World War II, author W.E. Welbourne shares the historical travelogue and human interest story “Pilgrimage to Crete.”

The book provides a dissertation on the folly of war, as collected from eyewitness accounts and other historical examples. Areas of focus include Arthur Dawson’s capture on Crete and his eventual escape, when he was subsequently sheltered by a Greek family.

“My uncle’s wartime exploits are poignant moments to me and others who like a good human interest story,” said Welbourne. “The world needs compassion, goodwill, and peacemakers, as exemplified by the Antoniadou Greek family, in overcoming greed and lust for power.”

In “Pilgrimage to Crete,” Welbourne travels to the historic battlefields and civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Central Europe to trace his uncle’s journey as a solider in one of the most significant and destructive conflicts in world history.

“Pilgrimage to Crete” By W.E. Welbourne ISBN: 978-1-51449-604-6 (softcover); 978-1-51449-606-0 (hardcover); 978-1-51449-605-3 (eBook)