Federico Martinengo: I launched the seventh FREMM

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marinengo.jpg​​March 4, 2017 – In the shipyards of Riva Trigoso, in Genoa, it was held today the ceremony of launching of the seventh FREMM – European Multi-Mission Frigates of the Navy .

The ship takes its name from Admiral Federico Martinengo , gold medal and a silver at the Military Valor for his “spiccatissime qualities of mind, heart and character in important positions who carried on board and ashore”.

Godmother of the ship Mrs. Mina De Caro , widow of Navy Captain Giuseppe Porcelli , commander of the frigate Scirocco, who lost his life in a tragic accident during operational activity in the Mediterranean on 25 May 1997.

Present at the ceremony the President of the Liguria region, Mr Giovanni Toti , the Chief of the Defence Staff , General Claudio Graziano , the chief of staff of the Navy , Admiral Girardelli Valter and the CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono .

“I accepted with great pleasure the opportunity to be here today to salute the launch of Martinengo ship – these are the words of General Graziano during his speech – because it is a great satisfaction to see go into service a new naval offshore units , an advanced combat system, an essential component in the defense and security system that we are building to ensure the safety of the country , international security and to make sure that Italy maintains the prestige and the role it has had so far. ”

The Chief of Staff of the Navy wanted to emphasize in his speech, such as continuity in renewal is the synthesis of the launch of Martinengo frigate. Continuity in the service that the Navy makes to the country and renewal in the media and technology with which this service is guaranteed.

“Emerge, under the action of the sea state – these are the words of Admiral Girardelli -, the ‘ importance of nullifying ensure maritime safety as a fundamental guarantee for enabling the silent network of the world economy to continue to play the its functions, ensuring the vital energy and trade flows. ”

Italian Navy photos.

Result of an international cooperation with France, the unit, the third in the ” general purpose “, is the seventh of ten frigates FREMM which represent the ” backbone ” of the naval component of the Marina area.

The requirements drawn up for this device class are cutting edge and marked by a high flexibility of use , to work in all situations and tactics in a spectrum of highly diversified activities, with operations continuing dislocation of 6 months and a crew more which halved compared to the previous generation frigates.

These features indicate innovative elements compared to the recent shipbuilding Cavour and Horizon class , reaching a level of detail never before, thanks to a synergistic collaboration between the Navy and private industry.