Kratos Advanced Medium Range Ballistic Missile Target Supports Successful Standard Missile-3 Block IIA Intercept Test

Kratos, a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that (DRSS) Division successfully supported the (MDA) and Sailors aboard the USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG-53) as they completed the first intercept test of the SM-3 Blk IIA missile on . The successful SM-3 Blk IIA missile test, designated SFTM-01, was conducted against an advanced Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) target, developed by and its Government and industry partners.

The Kratos MRBM target was launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in before it was acquired and tracked by the USS JOHN PAUL JONES using its onboard AN/SPY-1D(V) radar and Aegis weapon system. All data indicates that the Kratos MRBM target performed nominally through all phases of flight. The launch of the SM-3 Blk IIA was the first intercept test for the missile developed under a cooperative – Japanese program. The new interceptor missile features upgraded propulsion systems and an enhanced kinetic warhead aimed at engaging more capable threats over larger areas. The missile will continue to be evaluated for future use aboard ships and ashore as part of Phase 3 of the European Phased Adaptive Approach.

The successful three stage separating MRBM target featured Kratos’ Oriole solid propellant rocket motor mounted atop two tandem surplus Mk-70 Terrier kick stages. In addition, designed and produced payload hardware for the target including mechanical support structures, stabilizing fins, electrical event initiation systems, and active staging and separation systems. personnel participated in mission planning, payload assembly, testing, and target vehicle build-up and launch operations in support of the successful mission. DRSS is a leading provider of products, solutions, and services supporting ballistic missile defense, hypersonic, Aegis, sounding rocket, directed energy, electromagnetic railgun and other national security and scientific programs.

Mr. , President of Kratos’ , stated, “Kratos is proud to continue its work with government and industry partners providing low-cost, highly reliable rocket vehicle solutions for Ballistic Missile Defense testing, and hypersonic experimentation. This flight represents the second successful flight of the MRBM-T4E target for the MDA and the fifth successful flight of the highly capable and flexible Terrier-Terrier-Oriole flight vehicle.”