Thornberry, Smith Announce Final Subcommittee Rosters

February 21, 2017 – House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-WA) today announced the final majority and minority members who will lead and serve on subcommittees for the 115th Congress.

Mr. O’Rourke will serve as Vice Ranking Member of the Committee. One additional Democratic member will be assigned to the Committee later this session.

Below are the members for the subcommittees in the 115th Congress:

Emerging Threats and Capabilities

  • Ms. Stefanik, Chairwoman
  • Mr. Shuster Dr. Wenstrup Dr. Abraham Ms. Cheney, Vice Chair Mr. Wilson Mr. LoBiondo Mr. Franks Mr. Lamborn Mr. Scott
  • Mr. Langevin, Ranking Member Mr. Larsen Mr. Cooper Ms. Speier Mr. Veasey Ms. Gabbard Mr. O’Rourke Mrs. Murphy

Military Personnel

  • Mr. Coffman, Chairman Mr. Jones Dr. Wenstrup, Vice Chair Mr. Russell Mr. Bacon Ms. McSally Dr. Abraham Mr. Kelly
  • Ms. Speier, Ranking Member Mr. Brady Ms. Tsongas Mr. Gallego Ms. Shea-Porter Ms. Rosen

Oversight and Investigations

  • Mrs. Hartzler, Chairwoman Mr. Conaway Mr. Gaetz Mr. Banks Ms. Cheney Mr. Scott
  • Mr. Moulton, Ranking Member Mr. O’Halleran Mr. Suozzi


  • Mr. Wilson, Chairman Mr. Bishop Mr. Scott Mr. Russell Mr. Rogers Mrs. Hartzler Ms. Stefanik Ms. McSally, Vice Chair Dr. DesJarlais Mr. Kelly Mr. Gallagher
  • Ms. Bordallo, Ranking Member Mr. Courtney Ms. Gabbard Ms. Shea-Porter Mr. McEachin Mr. Carbajal Mr. Brown Mrs. Murphy Mr. Khanna

Seapower and Projection Forces

  • Mr. Wittman, Chairman Mr. Conaway Mrs. Hartzler Mr. Byrne, Vice Chair Dr. DesJarlais Mr. Gallagher Mr. Hunter Mr. Cook Mr. Bridenstine Mr. Knight Dr. Abraham
  • Mr. Courtney, Ranking Member Mrs. Davis Mr. Langevin Ms. Bordallo Mr. Garamendi Mr. Norcross Mr. Moulton Ms. Hanabusa Mr. McEachin

Strategic Forces

  • Mr. Rogers, Chairman Mr. Franks, Vice Chair Mr. Lamborn Mr. Hunter Mr. Brooks Mr. Bridenstine Mr. Turner Mr. Coffman Mr. Byrne Mr. Graves
  • Mr. Cooper, Ranking Member Mrs. Davis Mr. Larsen Mr. Garamendi Mr. O’Rourke Mr. Norcross Ms. Hanabusa Mr. Khanna

Tactical Air and Land Forces

  • Mr. Turner, Chairman Mr. LoBiondo Mr. Cook, Vice Chair Mr. Graves Ms. McSally Mr. Knight Mr. Kelly Mr. Gaetz Mr. Bacon Mr. Banks Mr. Jones Mr. Bishop Mr. Wittman Mr. Brooks
  • Ms. Tsongas, Ranking Member Mr. Langevin Mr. Cooper Mr. Veasey Mr. Gallego Ms. Rosen Mr. Carbajal Mr. Brown Mr. O’Halleran Mr. Suozzi