New Frigate Designs From CSSC

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CSSC for the three-body ship ship to provide the specifications of 2,450 tons, length of 142 meters, width of 32.6 meters, cruising speed of 25 knots, durability of 30 days. CSSC officials added that its maximum speed between 30-35 knots, it has a crew of more than 100. CSSC officials said the ship used a diesel engine to drive the “marine power propulsion system”, which in turn drives three pump jets. It has no other propulsion system. Although it is lighter than the Chinese 054A frigates, the tricusper ships carry a 76mm main gun, vertical launch tube 16 or 32 missiles, eight anti-ship missile launchers, two near-weapons systems and hangar space two helicopters Similar weapons. Three, 700-ton catamaran rapid attack ship (FAC)