Cheetah 5.1 for Sri Lanka

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One embodiment of the patrol ship of ocean areas of the “Cheetah 5.1” Development of JSC “Zelenodolsk Design Bureau” (c) JSC “Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky”

After the operation in Syria Zelenodolsky patrol “Cheetah” started to gain speed in the export market of ASEAN countries: several South Asian countries continue to be interested in possibilities of the Russian ship, but most are close to concluding a new export contract negotiations with Sri Lanka. “Right now completed negotiations on the construction tight” Cheetah 5.1 “for Sri Lanka: it is an ocean patrol ship designed ZPKB platform classic frigate” Cheetah 3.9 “- he said the” real time “CEO Zelenodolsk plant them. AM Gorky Renat Mistahov. – From the usual patrol techniques “Cheetah 5.1” differs superstructure layout: instead of the missile complex “Caliber-M” will be equipped with artillery weapons, as well as the take-off site for the helicopter hangar. It is expected that in the first half of this year, “Rosoboronexport” and we, as the manufacturer will sign the contract for delivery of a frigate, “- he said, without becoming too early to call the likely timing of delivery and the cost of equipment for the Navy, Sri Lanka. But if we proceed from the practice of execution of similar export contracts, the construction of one frigate takes almost two years, and the base cost – at least $ 150-200 million. 

During the three years prior to the closing line of credit of Sri Lanka

talks with representatives of the naval forces of Sri Lanka It can not be called easy. The first commercial plant proposal was prepared in conjunction with the “Rosoboronexport” at the end of 2014 and in January 2015, was transferred to the military attache of Sri Lanka for further harmonization. By the time it operated an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the field of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Sri Lanka. Russia opened the Sri Lanka a credit line in the amount of $ 300 million for a period of 10 years for the purchase of Russian military equipment (ie. E. 2020). As mentioned earlier Mistahov, as part of its Sri Lanka and sent a request to the ship project “Cheetah 3.9”, and the builder identified Plant. Gorky. 

“As part of the terms of reference, we have formed a price, it is now considered in Sri Lanka”, – said earlier Mistahov. – In an embodiment of the patrol ship “Gepard” a little easier than what we have done and are doing for Vietnam: it’s not rocket ship – only artillery and short-range anti-aircraft fire system. “ During active operations in Syria, Sri Lanka, the Defense Ministry leadership seems to have finally inclined to purchase the Russian patrol ship. In April 2016 top generals arrived in Kazan and met with the Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov. “We are interested in development of cooperation with the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka. I hope that this visit will strengthen our relations “, – Ildar Khalikov expressed the wish during a meeting with the military. 

Vietnamese experience

Recall project frigate “Cheetah 3.9” development Zelenodolsk Design Bureau became the basis of export contracts Zelenodolsk plant them. AM Gorky’s, included in OAO “Holding Company” Ak Bars “. After winning the competition in 2233 with the project “Tiger” of the St. Petersburg shipyard “Severnaya Verf” in the mid-2000s, he was endowed with the Ministry of Industry and the Russian “Rosoboronexport” Russian the status of a basic modification to the construction of a ship for export. 

The first contract was signed with the Navy in Vietnam in December 2006 for the completion of two “Gepard-3.9” patrol ships of the project. According to the agency agreement with the “Rosoboronexport” financing contract was carried out by the holding “Ak Bars”. Both ships were commissioned in time. At the end of 2013, commissioned by the Navy in Vietnam plant started construction of two “Cheetah 3.9” total cost of $ 700 million The two ships “second pair” are now on the tests:. Solemn transfer to Vietnam is scheduled for 2017-2018 years. 

In turn Bangladesh and Malaysia? 

Updating the Sri Lanka Navy due to the continued quarter-century ethnic conflict, which has demanded the government to attract the huge material resources for the armed struggle against separatists. Many foreign countries have offered their modified vehicles. In particular, the nearest to Sri Lanka, India won a contract to build two large patrol ships. June 10, 2016 state shipyard Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) in Goa has launched the first of two being built for the Navy, Sri Lanka, large patrol ships of the project Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (AOPV) – P 623 Sayurala ( «Sea Wave”). Moreover, the cost per ship is $ 74 million. Thus, the “Cheetah” will be built in the Indian team. The overall composition of the country’s fleet is small – only 50 ships. 

“Our traditional competitors are The Netherlands, which built in Sri Lanka shipyards for military and civilian ships, Germany, Australia, China good start to enter the market, and even Japan. They have a deep history of relations. It is difficult to compete with them. We also wanted to create their own shipyard in the Pacific, but this requires a strong government support. Without it – just empty words, “- he regrets. 

According to Renata Mistahova, in the case of signing a contract with Sri Lanka, even for a single ship will be the prospect of signing contracts for the “Cheetahs” in other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. “They are interested in Bangladesh (two ships), and Malaysia, but only in the patrol variant, – previously told Mistahov. 

Louise Ignatieff