Aeronautical Qualifications aboard Dixmude

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February 15, 2017 – From 30 January to 3 February 2017, the projection and command vessel (BPC) Dixmude has tested its air and amphibious capabilities off the Var coast.

For a week, the 3rd and 5th Combat Helicopter Regiment (RHC), 4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment (RHFS), and Transport Squadron (ET) 60 and Helicopter Squadron EH) 03.067 have followed an intensive training and qualification rhythm. In total, the 44 pilots on board carried out on average 30 flights per day allowing the Dixmude to deliver as many qualifications in one week as in the whole of 2016.

The five-thousand-foot flight deck was surveyed day and night by 8 helicopters of different types (Puma, Super Puma, Tigre, Gazelle, Fennec) with a peak activity of 10 helicopters, pushing the limits of the teams of the group “Aviation”.

The proximity of the Levant Island enabled the detachments on board to conduct a cannon, rocket and missile campaign around a realistic tactical theme, in the presence of amphibious flotilla craft, an amphibious landing craft (EDA-R) and two equipment transport barges (CTM), obliging the Dixmude to deploy its air / surface coordination capabilities.

This aeronautical week was shared with the trainees of the preparation military marine (PMM) of Lyon as well as 5 pupils of 3rd, in course discovery aboard the Dixmude. They were able to live an extraordinary embarked experience and imagine the large-scale aeromobile operations that the Dixmude could be entrusted to, at any moment.

All photos official French Navy