Submarine Rescue System heads to Norway for major exercise

February 10, 2017 – Elements of the world-class NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) were deployed from its headquarters at HM Naval Base Clyde recently, and moved in a huge logistical exercise to Prestwick airport for transport onwards to Norway.

It was all part of Exercise Northern Sun, designed to test the mobilization of the NSRS and exercise its capabilities in the frigid waters off Norway.

The system, which is jointly-owned by the UK, France and Norway, is in three main parts – an Intervention Remotely Operated Vehicle (IROV), a Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV), and the Transfer Under Pressure System (TUP).

For the next four-weeks or so the system, and the Faslane-based crew who operate it, will be put through their paces, but first was the not inconsiderable challenge of moving the sophisticated kit!