Celebrating The Peaceful Transfer of Power On January 20, 2017

January 25, 2017 – Along with every living US President, every US Senator, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and over 63 million American citizens, the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC celebrated the peaceful transfer of power from the Obama administrations to the Trump administration.

As called for in the US Constitution, the 58 Inaugurations of each new US President, have always been a civil transfer of power for 228 years, and those 58 Inaugurations have never been political events.  We trust and pray that the newly elected Congress will support the American people by cooperating with President Donald J. Trump to:

(1) seal the wide open southern border

(2) enact new policies to protect the lives of American citizens who have repeatedly suffered through 94 Radical Islamic Terrorists attacks inside the United States

(3) rebuild the strength of the US Armed Forces

(4) rein in the irresponsible and out of control spending that has increased the national debt to exceed $20 trillion

(5) provide “all” American citizens with affordable medical care

(6) reduce the federal tax charged all American citizens and US businesses.