Production of engines for the new frigates of the Navy promised to start by May

Google translation from FlotProm 

February 3, 2017 at 17:50 – The new ship’s engines will be produced in Russia since May this year. On Friday, February 3, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin.

“For almost three years,” from scratch “in Russia, created an entire industry of ship engine before the May holidays in accordance with the approved 2014 plan of import substitution will be deployed for the production of modern engines of the new Navy fleet of the country.”

NPO "Saturn"
NPO “Saturn”
In addition, Dmitry Rogozin, said that Rybinsk NPO “Saturn” completes the reconstruction. Earlier it was reported that the first NPO “Saturn” engines put on the frigate project 22350. 

Earlier, Ukraine refused Russia Delivery paid by the turbine engines that are intended to be installed on frigates of Project 22350 and 11356 As a result of the terms of construction of some warships had to postpone to a later date . 

Frigates Project 22350 built on “Severnaya Verf” in St. Petersburg. They have a displacement of 4.5 thousand tons, length 135 meters, width of 16 meters and a speed range of up to 29 knots, cruising range of up to 4.5 thousand miles, autonomy up to 30 days. Crew – 180-210 people. In armed frigates will comprise naval artillery unit A-192 “Armat” caliber 130 mm, 16 launchers for anti-ship missiles “Onyx” or “Caliber-NCE” and SAM “Poliment-Redoute.”