“Gorch Fock” remains!

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Rostock, January 26, 2017. 
For some time it was not quite clear how it would go with the “Gorch Fock”. There were two options for the German Navy: The “White Lady ” but give the construction of a new vessel commissioned Repair or. Now a decision has been made: the sailing school ship remains!

The "Gorch Fock" at their 166th foreign education trip.

Segelschulschiff “Gorch Fock” on its 166th overseas training trip (Source: Bundeswehr / Archives)

Why did you decide to stay? By rebuilding the “Gorch Fock”, the German Navy’s sailing school can be used longer than originally planned, presumably beyond the year 2030. The decision also allows for an orderly planning for a successor model.

The Inspector of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, welcomed the decision: “We invest in the future. In addition, with this decision, we gain attractiveness and continuity for the training of offspring. “

Unique experiences in handling the sea

If the sky is cloudy, the officers are in the process of breeding - here, muscle strength and teamwork are required.

Bream – here’s muscle strength and teamwork asked (Source: Bundeswehr / Archives)

The accomplishment of the works will surely be a delight not only for the active but also for the former soldiers, for the bond to the sea is as invariable and essential to every naval soldier as the attachment to the terrain for a soldier of the land forces. Experiencing and assessing the influence of the sea, such as wave, weather, cold and wetness on the workability of a crew are indispensable components of the training of young marine officers. The training on a sailing school boat conveys these foundations in a way that can not be conveyed on modern ships.

 To be an officer in the Navy, requires far more than theoretical knowledge. It is essentially about character formation. Only through the experience and work on the self-image does the future officer gain his competence and credibility as a leader, instructors and educators. No other ship as the “Gorch Fock” can these values to convey in a comparable form , “said Vice Admiral Krause.

On the occasion of a solemn event, the soldiers entered the mustering.

Ceremony under a commander patterning (Source: 2015 Bundeswehr / Thomas Miatke)Enlarge image

The attractiveness of the “Gorch Fock” to young people who opt for the Navy, for a career in the Navy and the resulting added value for the image of the Navy is hardly to be surpassed.