Sea Lynx fully ready

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January 18, 2017 – The board helicopter of the German Navy Type Mk 88A “ Sea Lynx ” are released without restrictions in an operational setting. They were subject to weight and speed restrictions after the crack at the tail boom.

A "Sea Lynx" onboard helicopter hovers above the flight deck of a ship, and two more ships follow.
“Sea Lynx” landing on the frigate “Rheinland-Pfalz” (Source: Bundeswehr / Archives)

In the case of load tests, the rear booms have in principle proved that they are more than adequately dimensioned. Nevertheless, the interpreters were strengthened by these measures. Only one helicopter is still available for retrofitting.

In June 2014 a “were the tail boom Sea Lynx ” found cracks in the material. As a result, all helicopters were subjected to an extensive investigation by the supporting industry. In addition, as a precaution all “ Sea Lynx ” speed limits subject and reduces the maximum takeoff weight.

The shipborne helicopter Sea Lynx is in the Navy since 1981 in the service. It is one of the main sensors of the frigates, on which two helicopters and 18 men flying and technical personnel form the so-called “main section 500”.

Equipping and arming of the helicopter are on its main role, the U boat hunt, designed. In this role, the helicopter serves as an extended arm of the ship, the capabilities of which are extended by its own range, speed and flexibility. The “ Sea Lynx ” is equipped with a variable depth sonar for active and passive locating and two torpedoes to concentration on certain combat enemy U -boats. The ancillary functions include the transport of personnel and material and the SAR Service in a convoy.