Marine patrol boat BAP “Pativilca River” captures Ecuadorian vessel “Ariel” in Peruvian jurisdictional waters

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Peruvian Navy photo.

January 17, 2017 – In compliance with its mission of monitoring, patrolling and maritime interdiction, the recently incorporated BAP “Paápilca” Coast Guard Patrol, built by the Industrial Services of the Navy – SIMA, captured on January 16, at 5:40 a.m. Ecuadorian fishing vessel “Ariel” with registration number B-03-07170, which was 41 miles to the Punta Capones block in the district of Zarumilla – Tumbes, fishing in Peruvian jurisdictional waters without the Authorization from the National Maritime Authority.

As a result of the intervention, 03 crew members of Ecuadorean nationality were arrested, and approximately 120 kilos of hydrobiological products were found. Also, the vessel was towed and taken by the staff of the BAP “Pativilca” crew to the port of Caleta la Cruz, making it available to the Public Ministry, and in turn, the hydrobiological resources were delivered to the management staff Regional Production.

In this way, the Peruvian Navy, through the General Directorate of Captaincy and Coast Guard, is committed to safeguarding the safety of human life, as well as protecting the environment and natural resources, repressing every act Unlawful by exercising control and monitoring of all activities carried out in the aquatic environment, all in compliance with the law and international conventions, and thus continue to contribute to national development.