Norway Takes Command of SNMG1

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Relay command of Commander SNMG-1
January 16, 2017 – Admiral of the Spanish Armada Jose Enrique Delgado Roig has passed the baton to the commodore of the Norwegian Navy Ole Morten Sandquist command of the Naval Group Standing NATO No. 1 (SNMG1 its acronym in English) late on Saturday in a ceremony in the port of a Coruña, chaired by Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone, British Navy, Commander Allied Maritime Command of NATO.
 The event took place in Coruna on Saturday afternoon

The event was attended endowments of the frigate “Almirante Juan de Borbon” last command ship of the Association; the combat supply ship “Cantabria” and the Norwegian frigate “Roald Amundsen” next command ship of the Association; as members of the International Staff and military and civilian authorities.

The Spanish admiral pronouncing words

During the Spanish command, the Group has participated in several multinational exercises as “Cold Response”, “Joint Warrior”, “Joint Warrior Northern Coast” and “Noble Mariner”, which has gained valuable knowledge of the marine environment in the Atlantic North and Baltic Sea and contributed to the overall deterrence and security in the area of ​​interest of the Alliance. In total we have sailed more than 52,000 miles over 237 days at sea and visited 15 countries, varying the composition of the group up to 9 integrated units.

About the Association’s Standing Naval NATO 1

Training SNMG-1 at sunset

The SNMG-1 is one of the four permanent naval groups multinational forces able to project a visible and constant reminder of the solidarity and cohesion of the Alliance in a global maritime environment. These forces provide NATO a permanent capacity in operations and other activities in peacetime, crisis or conflict. The permanent naval forces, under the command of Allied Maritime Command based in Northwood, UK, provide immediate responsiveness to an emerging crisis.

The Association is committed to maintaining a high level of readiness and skills training with other units of allies and friendly countries to provide the Alliance Maritime Command Naval Force one capable and operational, ready to deploy where and when required.

All photos courtesy Armada Espanol