Colombian Navy Assists Local Police

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January 15, 2017 – Troops of the National Navy, in development of surveillance operations and river interdiction, in coordination with personnel of the National Police seized a lot of Acpm and gasoline in the departments of Cesar and Antioquia.
In the first operation carried out by troops of the Marine Infantry Battalion No. 17 in the municipality of La Gloria (Cesar), during the inspection of the ferry that leads to the municipality of Rio Viejo (Bolívar), the seizure of 490 gallons Of gasoline and the immobilization of a truck of stakes where the fuel was transported.
In the second operation, units of the Marine Infantry Battalion No.17, in coordination with the National Police, located a craft vessel with 529 gallons of Acpm that was mobilized on the Nechí River, in the general area of ​​the municipality of El Catre (Antioquia).
In both cases, at the time of verification, the deficiency certificates were not presented; Document necessary for the transport of these substances that are controlled by the National Directorate of Narcotics, presumably, would be used for illicit activities.
The National Navy will continue to carry out river control and inspection operations, in order to deny the use of the river for illicit activities, guaranteeing the tranquility and safety of the inhabitants of the region.