FSB Border Service has ordered two more patrol boats of the “Firefly”, “Military Review

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Managing the logistics of the FSB posted on the website of public procurement notice of the order with a single supplier of JSC “East Wharf” (Vladivostok), two patrol ships (PSKR) project 10410 ( “Firefly”).
FSB Border Service has ordered two more patrol boats of the "Firefly"

Last we built for the Coast Guard of the Border Service of the Russian FSB border patrol ship project 10410 (code “Firefly”), 29/11/2015.

Both ships, the value of each of which is defined in 1.8 bln. Rub., To be delivered in December 2019

Comment blog bmpd: «Thus, we are talking about the resumption of the construction of Coast Guard patrol ships of the project 10410 (code” Firefly “). Recall that the construction was carried out for their marine parts Border Patrol from 1987 to 2012. In total for this time of the Soviet / Russian border was built 32 ships, including 13 – on “East shipyard.” Later, these were replaced by larger patrol ships of the project 22460 (code “Hunter”). However, for some time now circulating is unofficial information that the Russian Coast Guard are not fully satisfied with the project PSKR 22460 and is considering the possibility of returning to the construction project PSKR 10410. Now it is the intention, apparently, beginning to be realized. ”