Chinese Take on Russian Northern Fleet

Admiral Kuznetsov
Russia’s only carrier Kuznetsov, will lead the Northern Fleet cruising the Arctic Ocean and the Mediterranean region. (Figure / Russian Ministry of Defense)

January 11, 2017 – Russia’s Northern Fleet will be led by the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, along with the Udaloy-class destroyer and the Kirov-class nuclear cruiser, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that the Russian fleet, Kirov class battlecruiser) to the Mediterranean (Mediterranean Sea) and Arctic waters (Arctic) for long-range cruise mission. As a result of the sensitive Arctic, the Russian military in the past have repeatedly sent troops to cruise this area, and now again the task, the outside world as another declaration of sovereignty.

According to the Russian Tas news agency (Tass News) reported that the Russian military announced this year’s latest fleet of global cruise plan, the Northern Fleet will play the heavy responsibility. To Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, combined with a number of destroyers, cruisers and other combat groups, with Russia’s political and economic interests of the sea cruising task, starting from the Mediterranean coast, all the way north along the Atlantic Ocean, Eventually arriving in the Arctic. “Fleet members and ships are well prepared,” said Lieutenant-General Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, fleet commander. “We will finish the cruise as usual (last year).”

Typhoon-class nuclear submarine
The world’s largest typhoon-class nuclear submarines. (Figure / Bellona Foundation official website)


Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered cruiser
The Kirov cruiser of the “Peter the Great” will also patrol the North Pole with the Northern Fleet. (Figure / Grigory Sysoev @ Wikipedia)


The Russian Northern Fleet is currently the strongest of the Russian Navy fleet, but also the four major fleet of Russia (North, Pacific, Black Sea and the Baltic Sea) one. The Sovremennyy-class destroyer, the Slava-class cruiser, the Typhoon-class cruiser, the Kirov and the Typhoon-class cruiser, are the only aircraft carriers currently under the jurisdiction of the Kuznetsov, Class submarine ships, covering the Arctic Circle, the North Atlantic and the surrounding waters of Canada, the main fleet is located in the northwest of Russia, North Moersk (Severomorsk). Is Russia’s protection and fight Arctic Ocean and the Arctic’s largest patron.

"Severomorsk" large antisubmarine ship
North Molske dreadnought class destroyer, will also travel with the Northern Fleet. (Figure / Russian Ministry of Defense official website)


Since Russia officially intervened in Syria after the civil war, the aircraft carrier has continued to board the major international front page, now in the evacuation of Syria coast after long-distance cruise mission, although the Russian military has repeatedly stressed that this task is only a routine Sexual cruise and consolidate the coastal security, but in recent years the action frequently, Russia wants to expand the regional influence of ambition has been growing.