ARM Bonampak (PC-339) Launched at Tampico

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January 12, 2017 – This afternoon, at the “One” Shipyard of the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico based in Tampico, Tamaulipas, the Boot Ceremony of the Coastal Patrol ARM “Bonampak” (PC-339), which will have the mission of carrying out operations of surveillance, interdiction, deterrence, search, rescue, rescue and combat illegal activities at sea. As well as maintaining the rule of law and safeguarding human life in Mexican marine areas.

The Botadura Ceremony was presided over by Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz, Secretary of Marina and Dr. Ximena Puente De La Mora, Commissioner of the National Institute for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data, as well as Francisco Javier García Cabeza Of Vaca, Governor of the State of Tamaulipas, among other naval, civil and military authorities.

At the beginning of the Ceremony, Vice-Admiral José Félix De Jesús Bárcenas Pasos, Director of Navy Number One, gave information about the coastal patrol ARM “Bonampak”, where he mentioned data such as length (length): 42.80 meters, his sleeve (Width): 7.11 meters, its mission, equipment, operational importance and versatility. He also mentioned that “at Number One Marine Shipyard we are proud to contribute to the consolidation of a solid and effective naval fleet for the Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico.”

Later, Dr. Ximena Puente De La Mora, Commissioner of the National Institute for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data, the godmother of the ship, cut the bar that started the launching maneuver, which was floated by First time in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, to begin its enlistment phase.

The Doctor, speaking, said: “Today I have seen, firsthand, that the healthy exercise of institutional resources produces great achievements, as is the case of this coastal patrol, which will have as its mission to care for and protect Our coasts and thousands of people who carry out their activities in them “.

He also said that he sees “Mexican women and men, Mexican and Mexican committed to the welfare and future of Mexico. He added: “I am sure that the Secretariat of the Navy will maintain its intention to conduct its actions with transparency, just as it undertook to sign the General Agreement of Collaboration with INAI.” Finally he wished the crew “good sea and better winds in the fulfillment of their mission.”

Speaking on the occasion, the Secretary of the Navy pointed out that “through the permanent program for replacing surface units of our Institution, in the present administration we have built 11 new ships for the Mexican Navy and 10 for Petróleos Mexicanos, Which four are operating in full.

Shipbuilding projects promoted by the President of the United States of Mexico and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, which allowed for 2016 to generate more than 3,400 direct and almost 13,700 indirect jobs among the population That is involved in this activity. “

He added that “in the last four years, we have responded with the best provision to requests for access to information on budget, procurement of products and services, as well as general technical specifications of projects in the shipbuilding industry.”

He also concluded by saying that “it is these types of ships that will support the new national maritime authority to exercise sovereignty in our seas … The Navy Secretariat will work tirelessly to consolidate the National Maritime Authority and continue to drive the naval industry, and That both actions greatly favor the maritime development of our country. “