Something went wrong: some ships and vessels has not received the Navy in 2016

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On the President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov, last week told reporters that the state defense order in 2016 will be carried out by almost 100 percent. FlotProm decided to specify how large it is the “almost”, and made a list of ships that the Russian Navy was supposed to get in this year, but “something went wrong”.

The head of the project 22350 frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”

Construction of Admiral Gorshkov started at “Severnaya Verf” in St. Petersburg in early 2006. In November 2014 the ship first came to the test.

Frigate Project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov"
Frigate Project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”

Lead ship transfer Terms of project 22350 postponed several times, but this year, the date of November 22 was called as the final. However, towards the end of the year the commissioning of the frigate decided to move again – until the end of the audit of all systems and mechanisms. Therefore, the fleet will Admiral Gorshkov somewhere in the first half of 2017. 

Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Andrew Volozhin does not consider the transfer of putting another frigate something reprehensible. 

“The problem is the creation of the ship, the more the brain, it always goes through the work through difficulties, but in the coming months, this problem will be solved successfully. There are no conditions for implementation to some holiday, the due date. There is a thoughtful hard work, in order that the sailors were really finished and perfect ship, “- he said. 

Project 22350 ships have a displacement of 4.5 thousand tons, length – 135 meters, width – 16 m, speed – up to 29 knots. Crew – 180-210 people. On arms consist naval artillery unit A-192 Armat caliber 130 mm, 16 launchers for anti-ship missiles Onyx or Caliber-NCE and anti-aircraft missile system Poliment-Redoute.

Frigate Project 11356 Admiral Makarov

Frigate Admiral Makarov – the third patrol boat project 11356 is laid on Baltic Shipyard Yantar February 29, 2012, launched on September 2, 2015. It was planned that the frigate will enter into operation before the end of this year.

Frigate Project 11356 "Admiral Makarov"
Frigate Project 11356 Admiral Makarov, Anastasia Celler

In early December, the press service of Amber reported that the ship passes the final stage of state tests in the Baltic Sea. The frigate has successfully completed the missile launches and artillery fire on the real target, simulating coastal and air targets. In addition, we tested reactive bombometnaya installation RBU-6000 anti-sabotage equipment and aviation complex of the ship. 

Last week, the press service of the plant could not answer the question, when will be held the transfer of the Navy ship, and promised to inform as soon as will be determined by the date of lifting of St. Andrew’s flag on board Admiral Makarov. So far – and not reported. 

Frigates Project 11356 designed for long sea voyages and combating submarines and surface ships, as well as the reflection of the air attacks. The ship’s armament includes: artillery unit A-190 100 mm caliber, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems, torpedo and anti-submarine means of destruction and long-range missile complex Caliber-NK. It can also carry deck helicopter Ka-27 and Ka-31. 

This spring, the Black Sea Fleet strengthened head Frigate Project 11356 – Admiral Grigorovich, and in early summer in the Russian Navy handed over the second ship – Admiral Essen, which is now preparing to move to Sevastopol.

Head large landing ship of Project 11711 Ivan Gren

In the spring of 2016 the general director of the Baltic Shipyard Yantar Eduard Efimov assured that Ivan Gren will give the fleet not later than October 2016. It all goes according to plan: in June, the ship went to sea trials in the Baltic Sea, and in August, during a storm helped out of the mercy of the elements civilian boat. But after that, representatives of the “Amber” and the Navy prefer not to remember about Ivan Gren, bypassing the topic being sent to the fleet.

Head BDK Project 11711 "Ivan Gren"
Head BDK Project 11711 Ivan Gren, Anastasia Celler

Head BDK Project 11711 is among the honored protracted. Ivan Gren founded in December 2004, launched in May 2012. Mooring trials began in October 2015. 

The ship can carry on board 13 tanks or 36 infantry fighting vehicles, and up to 300 Marines. On the ship’s armament has three six-barreled 30-mm gun mount and two transport-combat helicopter Ka-29.

Corvettes 20380 Perfect and Loud

Corvette Perfect, the first in the Far East” Project 20380 ships series, built at the Amur shipyard in 2006. Start running tests administered in 2013, but the timing had to move because of “money shortage and production planning errors.” Subsequently, after a visit to the Far East Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, his deputy, Yuri Borisov said the revision of prices – instead of 6.5 billion per corvette will pay 13 billion rubles.

Corvette "Perfect"
Corvette Perfect
Blog of the press service of the Pacific Fleet

22 May 2015 Perfect was taken out of the shop and lowered into the water. In summer, began his trial and his planned transfer of the fleet until the end of the year. But it did not. 

The second corvette “Loud” in the Amur shipyard laid in 2012. Despite the difference in six years, “Loud” were going to pass, as the “perfect” before the end of 2016. However, according to the latest information, it was overly optimistic plans. In reality, in 2017 only after the ship on the water. 

Project 20380 ships have a displacement of 2000 tons, a length of 100 meters, a maximum speed of 27 knots and a range autonomously up to 4 thousand miles. Armament corvettes includes: two launchers for anti-ship missile complex Uranus, SAM Redoubt complexes torpedo protection package, 100-mm artillery unit A-190 anti-aircraft missile artillery complex Dirk-M MANPADS needle, two six-barreled 30-mm gun mounts AK-630M, two grenade launcher DP-64. On board is based Ka-27 helicopter.

Submarine Project 949A Antey K-266 Eagle (renovated)

November 15, 2013, the nuclear-powered submarine of the Northern Fleet K-266 Eagle, built in 1993, arrived in ship repair Center “Zvezdochka” for the works to rebuild the technical readiness.

Nuclear Submarine "Eagle"
Nuclear Submarine Eagle
Press-service of Sprockets

By February 2015 with nuclear-powered dismantled propeller shafts and stern tube, coupling halves, dismantled stern tube seals shafting the right and left side. On April 7 of the same year on the submarine took place a fire in the area of the 9th compartment. Fire area exceeds 40 square meters. meters. True, the press service of the company said that this incident will not affect the schedule of repairs and the submarine will return to order in time – in the fourth quarter of 2016. Alas, this did not happen. 

Project 949A submarines Antey – a multi-purpose submarines of the third generation, 155 meters long and with a displacement of up to 24 thousand tons. They sink to 600 meters and reach speeds up to 32 knots. Armed with “ante” – 24 launchers of cruise missiles “Granit” a range of about 500 km and six torpedo tubes.

Rescue tug project 20183 Academician Alexander

Rescue tug project 20183 Academician Alexander inherent in ship repair Center Zvezdochka in Severodvinsk December 20, 2012. Initially it was planned to transfer its fleet at the end of 2016. But only in 2017 the ship will withdraw from the shop and into the water.

Rescue tug "Academician Alexander"
Rescue tug Academician Alexander

Academician Alexander – the third of four special ships, developed on the basis of the auxiliary vessel draft 20180. In addition to search and rescue operations “Academician Alexander” is designed for the transportation of large marine, military and special equipment, as well as research equipment. 

Displacement of the vessel – 5400 tons, speed – 14 knots, the crew – 65 people. On the Academician Aleksandrov, provides a landing pad for a multi-purpose helicopter Ka-27.

The lead ship of the project 23120 logistical support Elbrus

Bookmark the head of logistics support vessel project 23120 Elbrus was held in November 2012. In December 2013 the second draft of the ship Vsevolod Bobrov was laid, and in July 2014 – the third, Captain Shevchenko.

Ship "Elbrus"
Ship Elbrus
Press-service of the plant Severnaya Verf

Under the contract, the head Elbrus had to pass the Northern Fleet by 25 November 2014, Vsevolod Bobrov – to November 25, 2015 Black Sea Fleet, and “Captain Shevchenko” – to November 25, 2016 the Pacific Fleet. But in 2013 the terms of the contract officially moved on a year later. 

However, the pace of construction even in the updated plan does not hold water. 

Elbrus was launched on 26 June 2015. Completion of the ship afloat stretched more than a year. According to some sources, the delay is related to the non-delivery of the imported equipment due to the anti-Russian sanctions. In early September, representatives of the Severnaya Verf assured reporters that Elbrus will give the Navy until the end of 2016. However, in November, it was reported that the St. Andrew’s flag on board the vessel will raise only in 2017. 

Court Project 23120 designed for loading, storage, transportation and transfer of dry cargo to the shore, surface ships, submarines, as well as for towing and provide assistance to the crews of ships and vessels in distress. With a length of about 95 meters and a width of 22 meter vessels have a displacement of 10,000 tons. Draught – 9 meters. Cruising range – up to 5 thousand miles, endurance – 60 days. The crew – 27 people. 

According to official data of the RF Ministry of Defense, the Navy surface ships and 24 support ships introduced in 2016, as well as two multi-purpose submarines.