Seize the largest shipment of marijuana in the Caribbean Sea

Colombian Navy

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December 5, 2016 – In the last hours, near the island of Cayo de Quitasueño located in the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia, a ship of the National Navy seized the biggest shipment of marijuana of the year in the Caribbean Sea, when it was Transported aboard a speedboat type fast by three men who were heading towards Central America.

The operation was developed by the crew of the ARC Frigate “Caldas” at the time they were carrying out maritime control activities in the area.

After detecting the vessel moving late at night, two nautical miles north of the island of Cayo de Quitasueño, they interdicted the vessel, inside which were found illegal substances distributed in 49 packages, to which the ITC performed the Initial Homologated Preliminary Test – PIPH, resulting in 958 kilograms of high quality marijuana.

The three captured Costa Rican nationals, who allegedly moved to Jamaica, were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for their respective prosecution.

This operation prevented the transport and marketing of alkaloids valued around six million dollars in the international market, affecting strongly the drug trafficking organizations.

The Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia will continue to carry out permanent operations to attack drug trafficking structures and thereby prevent the transportation and marketing of illegal substances through the Caribbean Sea to the Central American countries.