Rescued artisanal fishermen near Bolivar Island

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December 5, 2016 – In the last hours, a ship of the National Navy rescued three artisanal fishermen who were adrift in proximity to Isla Bolivar, after the engine of the craft in which they were mobilized suffered damages.

The three island men were doing fishing when they had the incident, at the moment when there were strong sea currents that overturned the boat.

When he fell into the water, one of them suffered cuts in his right foot when he hit the reefs. With the help of another boat that was in the area, the three men managed to board the boat again and later receive assistance from the crew of the ARC “Caldas” of the National Navy, who transported them alongside their boat to the island of San Andrés, while they provided them with humanitarian assistance and attention in first aid because of the cuts and blows that they had suffered.

“The ARC’s crew” Caldas “, like the other units of the National Navy, aims to protect the historic fishing rights of Colombians, with the constant mission of preserving and protecting the life of our fishermen. At the time we are presented with such events as this, we will always be attentive to first aid and rescue them on the high seas, “said Captain Enrique Enrique Marroquín, Commander of the frigate ARC” Caldas “.

The Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia, through its ships will continue making permanent presence in the jurisdictional waters to contribute to the preservation of the integrity of fishermen and navigators.